Internal & External Spur Gear Manufacturer

Internal & External Spur Gears

Using milling, hobbing and shaping, Precision Gears, Inc. can cut your internal and external spur gears in various sizes. We work with brass, bronze, aluminum, cast iron and various steels, as well as plastics. We serve customers in a wide range of industries, and we are ready to meet your custom spur gear requirements.

Spur Gear Capabilities

  • External gears: Our diameter capacity is a minimum 1/2” to maximum 25”, with a diametral pitch from 96 to 2.0, a module measurement of 0.25 to 12, and length up to 6”, when shaping is used.
  • Hobbed gears: We can produce lengths up to 56”. Internal gears have a minimum diameter of 1” and a maximum of 25”, with diametrical pitch from 96 to 3.0, module from 0.25 to 8, and a maximum shaped length of 6”.


With highly skilled technicians, manufacturing expertise and a fully equipped facility, we can perform the precision service you need for your custom gear project.