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Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality gear parts and assemblies, Precision Gears, Inc. has modern inspection and quality control capabilities to ensure uniform compliance with customer specifications. Our strength is in our service commitment to meet or exceed customer quality and schedule requirements.

We accomplish our quality goals with competent personnel, technical expertise and modern equipment to meet a wide range of needs in select markets. We operate our company so that Precision Gears, Inc. is worthy of the respect and trust of its customers, employees and vendors.

Since 1919 Precision Gears, Inc. has provided high-quality precision gears and service to a worldwide customer base. We understand and share your commitment to quality. Our standards exceed the norm – that’s why we inspect the parts we manufacture using the most sophisticated equipment available, including our CNC gear inspection capability.

Our senior managers are readily accessible so you can quickly contact them as needed to make decisions. It’s all part of how Precision Gears, Inc. ensures quality and makes it easy for you to do business with us.