Custom Keyway and Broaching Services

Custom Keyway and Broaching Services

As a provider of keyway and broaching services, Precision Gears, Inc. offers an efficient way to machine keyways and internal splines. Precision is of utmost importance in shaping and broaching operations, and our facility is well-equipped to handle these requirements. We offer two related services: shaping and broaching, each with similar properties but slightly different capacities.


  • Width from 1/16” to 3/8”
  • Depth of 0.032” to 0.1875”
  • Length up to 6”


  • Width from 0.063” up to 1”
  • Depth from 0.031” to 0.5”
  • Length up to 5”
  • Large variety of broach bars in stock for your internal spline needs

We work with a wide variety of materials: metals such as alloy steel, aluminum, carbon steel and ductile iron, as well as plastics, and Delrin. We provide broaching and shaping services for industries such as machinery, medical, optical, packaging, construction and many more, and we produce short or long runs.


With highly skilled technicians, manufacturing expertise and a fully equipped facility, we can perform the precision service you need for your custom gear project.