Custom Helical Gear Manufacturer

Precision Helical Gears

With expertise in manufacturing and machining helical gears, Precision Gears, Inc. proudly serves industries ranging from agricultural machinery, bottling equipment and construction equipment, to food service equipment, lawn and garden equipment and more. We can produce external helical gears with diameters from 1/2” to 25”, with diametral pitch ranging from 96 to 2. We can also work with module measurements, with capacities from 0.25 to 12.

In addition to our hobbing and milling capabilities, we offer finishing processes for our helical gears. These include grinding, as well as heat treating through carburizing, flame, induction or nitriding. We manufacture in volumes from prototype up through large-scale production runs, with just-in-time deliveries available. Contact us for lead times and a quote.


With highly skilled technicians, manufacturing expertise and a fully equipped facility, we can perform the precision service you need for your custom gear project.